Paleo – Capitalism WMail 40
Paleo – Capitalism WMail 40

Ayn Rand's verifiable book "Private enterprise - The Unknown Ideal" explains her statement that real Capitalism has never been polished in any country, alongside what requirements to happen to carry out it at last. That book - which incorporates papers by Nathaniel Branden and Alan Greenspan (the present administrator of the Federal Reserve System) - was distributed in 1967. The circumstance has not superior in anywhere near 40 years; as a matter of fact, the blended financial arrangement of America is near the very edge of breakdown.

Whole businesses - the soul of a useful economy - are being moved abroad; most Americans are really contracted workers or serfs; the Oligarchy [see WMail ezine April 2004 Issue #42] runs each feature of the Culture-Structure; unlawful migration is a development industry; everything except a small bunch of states have sanctioned betting (a non-useful financial channel); and organization enrollment and power are consistently contracting.

Costs are raised only to blow up the Stock Market Casino [see WMail ezine December 2001 Issue #18] while compensation are brought down, industrial ufabet เว็บตรง shut, and a large number of occupations vanish - more than 2,000,000 net positions are lost since George Dubya became President.

The counter private enterprise of the Communists is outdated, yet the substitution there isn't Capitalism however turmoil and financial oppression.

Why has no nation or culture rehearsed Capitalism? What then IS the arrangement of monetary practices that you generally believed was Capitalism? How might an Individual advance Capitalist financial matters?

My Webster's characterizes Capitalism as: "a framework under which the creation and circulation of merchandise are secretly made due" and furthermore as "free endeavor". The last option is characterized as "a regulation or kind of economy under which personal business is permitted to work with negligible government control."

Still think the U.S.A. is a Capitalist free endeavor?

Definitely, right!: No FCC or SEC or FDA or EPA or IRS or DEA. No Department of Labor, no Workers Comp, no 401K or ESOP guidelines. Furthermore, more as of late we have the NAFTA duties and the EEU and remember the WMF and the New World Order (whoever they are). Furthermore, significantly, the dangers to Individual Liberty composed into the Patriot Acts, both I

what's more, II.

"Free venture"? Hah!

Private enterprise is contradictory with insatiability. Private enterprise is contradictory with monetary bondage. Private enterprise is contradictory with enormously brought down Quality of Life.

I re-read "Private enterprise: The Unknown Ideal" for this paper, and the odd thing about that book is that Ayn Rand never characterizes Capitalism as such. For the most part the assortment of expositions by her and a couple of others are about the terrible, terrible things done for the sake of Capitalism to the American financial specialist under the then-as-now surviving "blended economy" (with a reference to economies somewhere else).

This oversight gives an opening to me to record what I see Capitalism is by definition and plan, and furthermore to explain the Working Minds perspective.

In Ayn Rand's Objectivist theory, she over and over states that Reason gives man the option to exist, and that the quest for one's own endurance and bliss as an Individual is an end product right. Without the presence and practice of that right, we are essentially slaves.

That then gives each Individual the right free of charge [uncoerced] exchange for his/her works - whether actual work or administration work or office work, or the executives of representatives, or the making of protected innovation (craftsmanship, writing, devices, amusement). In a Capitalist economy, market controls by government are diminished to the barest least, and the open and unregulated commercial center decides the dollar worth of each profession field or item or thought.

In a free commercial center, proficient makers and laborers will see expanded worth and request, while wasteful or terrible makers and laborers will track down less and less interest.


Private enterprise works diversely for laborers and for the board and for business visionaries.

In Objectivism (reasoning) and in Capitalism (financial matters), the specialist has the normal right to his/her Life (endurance); he/she has a privilege to deregulation for his/her work (the means to endurance); and those two rights lead to a third right: a right to a Living Wage. For how might a laborer have the Objectivist right to a Life UNLESS he/she can work the enacted 40-hour work week and really get by, with the expectation of earning enough to pay the rent through difficult work, preparing, frugality, and determination.

(This is by no means the Collectivist's enemy of Reason misleading right to a living, which idea moves abundance created by the specialists to non-delivering thieves.)

The right to a Living Wage [see WMail ezine September 2004 Issue #46] doesn't exist in America today, and isn't probably going to be established shy of transformation. Practically 30% of families in America today battle along on two tasks to make closes (scarcely) meet, which is extremely Dickensian. Either the two guardians work or one parent works numerous full or temporary positions, or a solitary parent maintains various sources of income, and all have practically zero advantages. In every single such case, the youngsters are without oversight, besides by the storm of psyche desensitizing info that they get from the Oligarchy-possessed media.

What has been going on with the leisure time nights and days of the past? The Oligarchy removed it forcibly.

As an erratic break figure, I say that any occupation paying under $10 each hour is definitely not a Living Wage. As a matter of fact, such installment is contracted bondage, financial subjugation, the main departure from which is demise or franticness or political disturbance - the 'R' word, transformation.

I in like manner recently characterized the erratic break Benchmark figure for leaders - if the U.S. President, the 'Go-to person for every freedom loving person', is paid just a portion of 1,000,000 bucks (counting assessed advantages) each year, then how might any chief, some other individual in the world profess to be worth hundreds, even a great many times the present 'worth' of their capable and focused workers?

These chiefs' just defense is insatiability.

The business person [Webster: one who embraces to coordinate and deal with a business or enterprise] is one who sets up a one-individual shop or sorts out an organization to convey an item or administration, particularly something of his/her own development. Inside limits (see underneath), the business visionary is qualified for the abundance created by his/her endeavors as business visionary. Yet, the leaders in any such organization merit something like the Benchmark figure. Same for craftsmen and performers with respect to business people - let the commercial center win.

The execution of contemplated limits on ravenousness are extremely past due, yet except if the Oligarchy is dismissed, we can anticipate one more Great Depression or even a re-visitation of the anarchic Dark Ages. Without a doubt, George Dubya has proactively messed up genuinely (maybe purposefully) in that he is currently the primary U.S. President since Herbert Hoover who will leave office having made a JOB DEFICIT. Hopeless harm has been finished to the economy, and it is tremendous to such an extent that main outrageous moderate monetary projects - which Dubya will forestall - can switch the financial insights, and hence Dubya can't create an affected arrangement any time before the November political race.

"It's the work shortfall, idiotic!"

The main explanation that George W. Shrub may not be substituted for his misfeasance in office is that the U.S. public is, best case scenario, not well educated and uninformed, and the heft of them are suckers for the untruths and control radiated every minute of every day at their unfocused eyeballs by the Culture-Structure.

(George Dubya accepted your position away, don't exchange that affront for your vote!)

The vital issue in any realignment of the financial framework is that the surviving economy depends on the False (dis-engaging) Values of the Oligarchy. The whole present economy depends on Profit At All Cost - the Holy Bottom Line. (Any financial Value other than Profit or Greed is naturally progressive - it abuses the state of affairs.)

Occupations are moved to Asia not on the grounds that the laborers are more effective or better prepared but since the monetary bondage in those nations distributes just pennies each day per specialist.

Chiefs here and abroad acquire unjustifiable products of what their non-salaried workers get, simply so the executives can boast about their maltreatment of force and swagger around flaunting their abilities at prominent utilization. The Oligarchy works no uniquely in contrast to any middle age fiefdom, utilizing power of proprietorship - of the serfs, of the processing plants and ranches - and the power of their abundance - the Oligarchy controls the media, which convey disinformation sprinkled with Pavlovian cautions to purchase! purchase! purchase! - and the Oligarchy controls the public authority in each ward - from the humble civil servant to George Dubya and Congress and the Supremes.


Genuine Capitalism depends on responsibility for Self, and the exchange of one's work for abundance - cash, administrations, merchandise - and on business, the non-salaried universe of the commercial center.

I scanned the web for a valuable name to envelop the 'genuine' practice of Capitalism, and one of the terms that showed up was 'neo-free enterprise', yet those results incorporated some very crazy sites that have co-selected the term (for example supporting the disposal of cash, f'godsakes!). So that term is futile.

I propose that the term 'Paleo-Capitalism' will work for the present. [Paleo is Greek for 'old, early, crude, old', utilized here to mean 'old', in the feeling of unique, as in Capitalism as initially intended.]

Prior to the Industrial Revolution, practically everybody was a business visionary. The rancher developed his harvests, the tanker pulled them to showcase, the distributer offered to the retailer, who thusly offered to the end customer, the owner or housewife. The herder raised his sheep or steers or poultry, offered the meat and stows away to the wholesalers, who offered them to dealers, who changed the unrefined substances into completed item - cuts of meat or shoes or outfit - who again offered to the end shopper.

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